"The Movement" - Crowdfunding Project finished

It was a tough year and totally worth it by seeing the results. Our crowdfunded spot "The Movement" is finished - it's online, soon in Cinemas near you, on multiple TV channels and even as article about the whole project in some publications.

Based on an idea of singer Clara Luzia, the whole project grew into a solid work, which now raises awareness for the Arctic not just in Austria but in multiple countries and continents worldwide. Clara contacted Greenpeace in 2012, asking if we wanna use her new song "We are fish" as part of our campaign work for saving the arctic. I loved the song, the opportunity and so I developed a concept of crowdfunding money to realize an awareness spot in Austria, taking the song as inspiration and interpretation. We aimed high, as we also implemented a crowdsourcing part - donors had the chance to play a part in the spot too.

With Michael Rittmannsberger we found the perfect director, and without the great support of Bernhard Holzhammer and his film production company Wildruf, the outcome wouldn't be as impressive as it is now, looking at the finished peace. 

Thx to all involved!