Background on new Greenpeace campaign website

As part of the recent Greenpeace awareness campaign to sensitize the public about the bad sides of the secret trading pact between EU and USA (TTIP), I developed the campaign website inhouse. Having no time at all, from campaign initiation to web-launch, my team and I managed to kick of a minimalistic but fully conversion-optimized onepager-website, with some nice goodies.

  • optimized content, modals & style for different target groups
  • bottom-up information architecture (from basic to detailed infos about this complex topic)
  • detailed info- & target groups are fully linkable through parameters
  • sucessfully beating my personal hate-love: hacking crossdomain-tracking for our unflexible .net-CMS petition forms
  • completely trackable (anonymous) user(+)-journey: from visit to signup to share to share-visit for optimizing our engagement ladder
  • responsive design with optimized image-structure for multiple screen ratios
  • additional sms-signup possibilities for mobile users
  • very decent menu-navigation and overall branding

Just the loading time needs optimization, by hopefully switching from iframe-embeds to an api-version of our petition-form sooner or later. Nonetheless, quite happy about the result already! Big thanks also to my favorite illustrator Evi, who produced 4 amazing illustrations for the different campaign aspects. Be sure to check them out!