Talk at Greenpeace EU-Comms Skillshare

I was really happy to have been invited to a skillshare in Prague, talking about Data driven Communication at the end of January. So much potential by getting our folks at Greenpeace from all over the world on board for a more effective communication.


Speech about Content Strategy at Munich, 29.01.2015

Ok, thats different... I got an invite to talk for MDG management consultancy about web content strategy and mobilisation to give media people from religious associations and bishoprics new impulses from the point of view of other NGOs.

Especially the interesting concept makes me really look forward to the evening - starting with impulse talks by 4 different speakers, 15 minutes each, beeing followed up by a "rotating dinner", switching tables over a 4-menu-course to consult in small groups about concrete problems.

Speech about Storytelling & Media for UN-KlimareporterInnen / JUMP

I got an invite to talk about Storytelling & Media on 10.10.2014 at Vienna University to 30 highly motivated students participating at the project "UN-KlimareporterInnen".

The Jugend Umwelt Plattform (JUMP) organizes this youth event around the UN Climate Conference, letting students simulate the climate conference before taking place and then sending two of the students to the conference directly.

Talk on about crowdfunding

Wolfgang Gumpelmaier, who regulary interviews people from different backgrounds about their crowdfunding projects, invited me to talk with him about our Greenpeace project "The Movement". You can watch the interview online.