2016 Greenpeace - Thank you

The new thank you-spot for supporters of Greenpeace. Thx to the great team Michael RittmannsbergerAndreas Daxer and all involved people in at Greenpeace. My part was co-developing the inital concept idea of Michael and Andreas.

2016 - Greenpeace, Essen verschwenden ist Mist!

Thogether with the agency vervievas we created this infospot about the big problems and solutions of food waste.

2014 Greenpeace - Trojanisches Pferd

2013 Greenpeace - The Movement

A big project realized just via crowdfunding (800 people made the project possible) and crowdsourcing (80 of them took part in the movie). The final movie was spread via online in Austria and lots of other countries worldwide, also via TV in Austria an Switzerland, as well as in over 50 cinemas in Austria.

My part was beeing head of project at Greenpeace, responsible for the overall concept, technical implementation & marketing for the crowdfunding, communication and crowdsourcing with the donors for taking part.

Thx to the great team, Michael Rittmannsberger as Director, Clara Luzia - who initiated the project - for offering her song and lots of engagement, as well as Bernhard Holzhammer and his crew at Wildruf for the amazing film production work. 

2010 PKP BBDO - BMF Transparenz Datenbank

A small info movie as part of a pitch for the Bundesministerium für Finanzen.

My part was the concept & storyboard during my work at PKP BBDO, the animation was done by the guys at ovos


2010 Young Lions - Intro Klimaschutzpreis

Our entry to Young Lions 2010. Together with Oliver Cleven, former colleague at PKP BBDO, we realized this spot during 36h. 

2009 Young Lions - Intro Radio Symphonie Orchester

A web-intro to the Austrian Radio Symphonie Orchestra - realized by Sebastian Schöndorfer and me during 36h of the Young Lions 2009 competition.

2007 Full Court Store - Lass dich nicht versoccern

An image spot for the basketball store Full Court Store, realized facing the soccer EC 2008 in Austria/Switzerland.

My part was beeing head of the project as well as cutting and post production. Directed by Anna Bertsch, Camera by Markus Harthum

2007 Instant36 - Bitte nicht hinauslehnen

2007 Mindcave - Revolution Girl

A no budget music video for the upper austrian band "mindcave" , produced only out of burst photographs.

My part was camera and post production, concept and directed by Anna Bertsch. 

2006 Instant36 - blubbery

2006 FHS - Intro Ratatak

2006 FHS - Ask me anything

2005 FHS - Am Puls der Zeit

2004 FHS - Country of Man Eaters